Help with "duplicate label"

So I’m using dara amaries template to change the characters hair and I have 2 different branches one male LI and one female LI and I used the same hair template for both branches and it gives me multiple warnings saying this,

It’s because the labels are the same, you cannot do that.
So basically for example: Both the female and male have a label stating “hair_Short_0” which means you have duplicates, so you’ll have to go through and change one of them from “hair_short_0” to hair_short_1 and do the same for each label under that CC template.

Either change the labels for the entire male cc template, or do it for the female… but don’t do both or you’ll have the same issue!

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Thank you.

If you’re using the same templates twice, you’d have to change every single label and goto for the 2nd templates

Don’t change the label name in the same episode otherwise you’ll end up changing all the label names in the first template as well. So you have to do it in a separate episode.

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You’re welcome. :blush: I’ve already done it myself with all the changes, so if you need the male template script I can send it to you.

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