Help with Editing (Ibis Paint X)

Hey, it’s Winter. You may have seen my first edit on the forums. I need help with editing. I want to be taught so I don’t have to keep asking people to make them for me. Can anyone help me please, like guide me how to make a good edit? I use Ibis Paint X. Comment below, with maybe some examples of your work, if you’re interested. :slight_smile:

~ Winter :snowflake:


I have been looking for someone to help me do the same thing. Good luck!!

Thank you. :smile:

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Same here :smile:

Hey! I also have just started trying to learn how to edit annnnd I’m not offering my own help seeing as I can barely edit myself but there were some lovely people who helped me out on Instagram. Some people just post things which are helpful and did not help me out personally, I don’t know if helping someone personally is something they’d be interested in but:

  • @moonlight.epy @saphy.tutorials @tutorialsbyleli are all good for tutorials

  • @nighty.epy goes live sometimes while editing, also her edits are a dream so just check them out anyway

I hope that’s helpful? Editing is sooo hard when you start out, I spent so long on my first one and not really sure if I’ll be giving it another go :joy: but it seems like it’s definitely worth it if you can commit to it.



Hey, thank you for this but I need help personally lol. I’ve checked some of their posts out and they are helpful but I need help on the basic basics lol. :heart:

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Ahaha I saw your edit, it was good for a first try! I hope that you can find someone to help you personally, sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!


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Thank you, don’t worry about it. :blush:

I can try to help. If you want dm me on insta MeganTinista.epiosde or pm me here.

Thank you, I’ll PM you here. :slight_smile:

Do you know how to do outlines?

That’s one of my problems too. I find the eyes and hands hard. I can do clothes mostly, it’s just the face. :frowning:

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I can send you a detailed step by step? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes please!! That’d be so helpful!! :heart:

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Could you do the same with me? :slight_smile:

I need help mostly with outlines. Do you know how to do them? Also, with makeup highlights and how to make the edits just look better in general. :slight_smile:

PerplexedJam- Can you send me a detailed step by step too? I really need help with using ibis paint x. I do not understand how to get the character on the screen without it being blurry. Can u tell me how and where I can screenshot my character without it being blurry.

do you have insta?

I do - @jaeaton.stories