Help with English Assignment (A short story)

Okay :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:I need help coming up with a good plot twist for a short story that doesn’t involve murder. Any ideas would help, but it has to have a good shocking twist to it, and it can’t involve murder (according to my instructor)


dammit all my good ideas involve murder

Nah totally kidding have you tried googling short story promps? You can find tons on pinterest :hugs:

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First of all: me

But yeah I’ve looked through Pinterest a bit. I’m still sort of brainstorming and toying with a few ideas- nothing too solid yet though

you could do a classic “this character turns out to be related to the mc!” or “it was all a dream” “its a hallucination” etc. im not very creative with plot twists tho :frowning: whenever i need a plot twist tbh i just google “plot twist generator” and check out different ones til i find something i like lol.

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Plot twists:

  • Older sister is actually the main character’s mother.
  • The antagonist is the MCs sibling.
  • Everything was a dream.
  • The MC was dead all along.
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I haven’t searched for a ‘generator’
Tbh I should try that

Okay how about this:

Claire thinks she saw her brother shoot somebody, and is also convinced that Finn saw it as well, and he’s going to turn her brother in.
However, we learn that it was a premonition all along- as in it hasn’t yet happened.
The whole story covers her dealing with the guilt of not telling anyone about this incident, and trying to ensure Finn doesn’t say anything either.
It all accelerates to the point where she returns to the spot where she thinks she saw her brother shoot this person.

From there I could make it so she shoots Finn because she’s paranoid he’ll say something (even though he knows nothing) and realizes that the it was a premonition.

Or she could be shot by her brother.

(I know this technically involves some murder, but I’m grasping at straws here.)


Maybe at the end of the story, we will find out that the MC was in the mental hospital. :thinking:

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