Help with episode data

Hi, does anyone know how to transfer episode data on sd card because i don’t have enough storage on my phone and the episode data is already around 3GB.

if you want to transfer the app to the SD card go to Settings -> Apps -> Episode -> Storage -> Move to External Storage. make sure you write down your username and password so you don’t lose your progress. You can find them on the settings in the app.

I’ve transfered it but it only transfered the application data but not the data in my phone from stories I think.

yeah data usually doesn’t get transferred. have you logged in the app to check? is everything there?

Yeah, but I need to transfer my data

you have to do it with the username and code episode is giving to every user.

But how do I get the data on SD card?

you cannot you have to do it in the app

I don’t need to log in I need to transfer data from my phone to SD card.

here you go. this is the only way

But it doesn’t transfer the data only application

when transferring an app onto the SD card the data cannot be transferred only the size does.

But the size of data in my phone is big and I want to transfer it, but it won’t transfer.

so the app cannot get transferred onto the SD?

App yes but data from the app stays in internal storage

is there an option for that on your phone? can you transfer the data? if not then it will probably happen automatically. or restart your phone.

I tried that but the data stays internal storage.

And when I use the episode the data grows bigger and I don’t have enough space in my phone

what phone do you have?

Sony xperia L1