Help with error in Writers Portal

Tried to preview and it keep doing this i’ve restarted browser and computer and it still does this.
Can someone help ?

Try adding dialogue underneath and then preview it :thinking:

Nope :sob:

Try to add a space between INT. and white.

Is the INT. WHITE your background, or episodes?

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It’s my background

My best bet would be to try to add a space between INT. & WHITE

I’m positive I’m getting that error too, and on my PUBLISHED episodes…

Meaning I’m having issues previewing freakin’ pre-published episodes, but with a different error name.

Did you try refreshing? :thinking:
A lot of people are getting errors on the Writer’s Portal when they’re trying to work on their script, Sigh :pleading_face:

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I can see we have more new errors :triumph::expressionless:

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Lots of people are experiencing errors with this new update, unfortunately. Sydney said to try filing a support ticket to see if that can help resolve the issues.

I’ve had this error before a LOT of times :sweat_smile:, the only thing that worked for me is changing browser. Try doing that