HELP with eye overlay and movement

,…never mind this post okay

do you mean changing the colour of his eyes from blue to red? or an animation?

Not that, I mean two different eye colors

oh i see… im not sure if you are able to do that, have you seen other stories with characters that have two different eye colours? sorry, I’ve never seen anything like that so I wont be much help but ill let you know if I see anything like that :))

also in the second picture i think you are using an overlay for the different coloured eye? correct me if im wrong, but if it’s an overlay you won’t be able to get it to move and blink (unless you animate it).

Do you know how to animate it? how do i do it

there is probably another (easier) way to do this but ill tell you what i know. i would make another overlay of once your character has ‘blinked’. you can keep switching between those overlays by doing something like this:

@overlay OVERLAYNAME create

the code above would be used to create the first overlay, and after maybe like 0.1 secs (because you’d want the effect of blinking), hide it and use the same code again but change the overlay name to the next. this would be an example:

@overlay OPENEYES create

hide, then

@overlay CLOSEEYES create

you can keep repeating this for however many times you want your character to blink. to set a pause in between, just use @pause for a beat. and of course your overlay name is probably different so just replace yours with mine.

this would only work for blinking though, not for moving the eye. you can try to use the same process for eye motion but it would turn out very rocky.

also make sure that your overlays are in the right position so it fits right one top of another, to fix the issue that you have there on your second photo.

i think you could probably set time to overlays for them to appear and disappear but I’m not sure how. search up ‘Joseph Evans’ on youtube. he has many tutorials and one on animating overlays, so watch for a deeper understanding. i hope this helps!

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