Help with fades.. please?

Firstly, I’m on PC… I don’t have an available phone at the moment, so I’m using my computer.

Okay, here’s the problem I’m having:

I’m doing a scene (at the beginning of the episode) where the scene fades in. There is a heavy rainstorm; MC is racing across the beach. The scene fading works fine, but the sound fading… well, the sound is at the normal volume before the scene loads, and then when the scene fades in, the sound goes quiet and starts fading to normal volume. Here’s my script:

Yes, I have tried switching the volume command to before the fade command. It doesn’t help.

So… there’s either something wrong with my coding; something wrong with the Web Viewer; or I’m being a dumbass… I’d appreciate any help given! Thanks :heart:


edited for clarity

(No errors in the error catalog thingy.)

You have sound on volume 0 on line 15 and it starts fading in only at line 28.

on line 15, set the volume sound 100 0 (default)

then, below it type volume sound 0 3000. it’ll gradually become 0 in 3 seconds

why 3000?

because you paused for 1.5 seconds 2 times. which adds up to 3 seconds, means 3000 miliseconds

to help you understand better, here’s a guide