Help with Female Body Type Template! [SOLVED]

Hope you’re doing great!
So, it’s my first time using this template and I had a problem.
When I selected the body type Athletic or Soft it worked but when I did “Choose this one” or something, It appeared the generic one, as I’d never selected the other 2…

If someone could help me, i’d appreciated!
Also, sorry if that sounded confusing. :confounded:
And thank you in advance.

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If you need, I’ll take a screenshot, it’s the only thing I can do :sweat:

I’d love to help but please, take screenshots so that I could understand the situation more :blush: but, I’ll try to explain the Body template.

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If I remember correctly Dara Amarie has a template:)

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Ok, so you’ll need to do so
**’ll create a new character with a soft body and a character with an athletic body and a character with an oversized body **

Then his is the coding
(Athletic body) {place here the character with the athletic and @remove the character with soft body and oversized body}
(Soft body) { place the character with the foft body and @remove the character with the athletic body and oversized body}
(Oversized body) {place the character with the oversized body and @remove the character with the soft body and athletic body}

this how it works, tell me if it still doesn’t work :blush:
If you don’t know how to remove a character here’s the code: @remove CHARACTERNAME1 and remove CHARACTERNAME2 and remove CHARACTERNAME3


Dara Amarie’s template explains it. This is the link:

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I followed her template :sweat_smile:
But thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your reply I’ll send it right away. Also sorry if I was too late. :sweat_smile:
Didn’t mean to waste your time…

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Thanks! Already see it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

But that’s not the problem. Thanks tho!

Oh, no love :blush: it’s okay.

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Okay. Sorry My computer is messed up lmao.
Here’s the screenshots, It’s a bit difficult this way but I couldn’t record it.



The default body was generic then I selected the athletic one as an example as you can see.


Then I selected “Yes!”


And suddenly appeared the generic one.

P.S.: The character changed due to cc

Also, Idk how to explain this but in Dara Amarie template said that " If the generic/athletic/soft body is chosen, your main character will “become” that character and have that body. So you will continue to use your main character through out the rest of the story."

Can you post your script? You might have changed some things in the template

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