Help with first short story


I’m looking for some help with my short story, it’s called The Siblings Debate. It is the first of 3 or 4 short stories before the main novel series.

I’m looking for some help with describling certain objects and places.

If anybody can help, please let me know

Thank you xx

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I love describing anything! I could help you, if you wish!

Could you really?

That would be amazing

I can help you with coding if that is any problem and if it is not to advanced i can help with anything and if your ever stuck on ideas for anything just ask me and I can definitely help!


I am currently trying to work on the script of my very first Episode story. If anyone can help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Miss Kat

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I’ve looked at the scripts on the tutorials, but I’m a very visual person and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I just need help with the script aspect of my story. I know that’s not very specific and I do apologize for that.

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I am having trouble with figuring out how to handle the dialogue as well as the movement/smoothness of transitions between my characters and scenes.

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That’s the thing: each time I go to write my script, it red flags me and I don’t know what I am doing wrong

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It keeps saying “ERROR” and I look at the tutorials and I’m doing what the tutorials are telling me to do… I just need major help LOL :rofl:

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I just wrote what I want my main character to say. I am very new to this and this is my first story. I appreciate any help, advice, pointers you give me!! How do I pm you?

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It won’t let me post any photos on here, so I am not sure how to get them to you

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