Help with fitting characters in screen

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can someone help me maybe right a script for these people to fit in the screen I’m having a hard time

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hey i think i can help, first off do you want them all in the same zone

You need to spot direct them and just scale them down a little bit.

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Go on spot directing and on the left will pull out a list of things, click on ‘Switch tool:move’ then move your characters about, make them smaller and scroll a little down and will have something like
@CHARACTER spot 2.619 59 -461 in zone 1
Then instead of coding
@CHARACTER stands screen centre in zone 1 AND CHARACTER faces right
@CHARACTER spot 2.169 59 -461 in zone 1 AND CHARACTER faces right

But the first two characters on the left side I want them to walk in to the scene and idk how to spot direct with them walking in from that direction

Have you tried @CHARACTER enters from left to spot…

try either what @xKingKyrax said or place them off-screen like that

this should go under the background line
&CHARACTER spot % (the scale you want them) -34 (it’s a number that will get the character off-screen, this is the left and right shifting) Y (height you want them)

after that, you can place your character in the zone and see them by

@CHARACTER walks to spot % (use the same scale) X (the spot you want them to be at) Y (the same height as above) in T ( T=seconds. Meaning the speed of the animation.)

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