Help with gains

So I just started using gains, ifs, elifs, and elses in my script but for some reason whatever choice I make it just gives me the same result of what happens when I leave a message, it completely ignores else.
Here are some screenshots:
This is the gain part.

This is the if and else part.
Someone tell me what I’m doing wrong, whenever I choose ignore call, it gives me the result of leaving a message.

Are you testing it on web previewer or the app?
If on the app, you might need to reset your story progress. It’s likely that it still remembers you getting that particular gain, and you can’t ungain it without reseting the progress

I’m not testing it on a mobile device. Do I still need to reset my progress?

It shouldn’t as long as you’re playing from the choice and not just skipping ahead

Although, try testing it on your mobile to see if it works there

Nevermind, ignore what I wrote, I am testing my story from a mobile device, I’ll try what you said.

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Sorry for being late, yeah it worked, thank you sm!

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Yay! You’re welcome!

Yay! Glad it worked. Closing topic :smiley: