Help with Gems in stories

Hi I don’t even know if this is the right place to post this but I was just wondering if there’s any way to successfully complete stories without using gems.

I was really low during lockdown and played episode to kind of escape but I think I spent about £150 on gems to keep making the choices and it wasn’t until I checked my bank it all added up! I just wish there were more stories with no/less gem choices or even if they were cheaper!

The great majority of community stories don’t have gem choices


Where do I find the ones that aren’t featured?

most of the comunity stories dont use gems.

are you new on the app, if you are new you have to read 25 chapters to unlock all the comunity stories. there are really many. like 1000’s of free stories, some are good some are bad, some look so profesional, and some look like a ten your old did it

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The monthly shelves are for non-featured stories, in the genres categories there are “top community” stories of that genre, then there’s the “stories we love” in the user stories

Thank you! I want to start writing my own but I’d probably be in the 10 year old category haha. Thanks so much

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well we all gotta start some where, the comunity here are happy to could also look up Joseph Evans on youtube he makes tutorials. though they are a bit outdated

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I have also myself started makeing episode tutorials though I have only made one as of now,

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