Help with Hair Please

Hey guys!

I’m using ibis paint x to make some art pieces, but I struggle with hair so much :sweat_smile:. I tried @/PropertyofNae’s, @/blissful.edits and pretty much 98% of hair tutorials here, but it never looks right. If you happen to know any good hair tutorials (insta or forums) or are willing to tell me what brushes/what you do for your hair, it would very much appreciated! I’d prefer if the tutorial used an actual hair piece (like along with the person) rather then just the straight hair(if you get what i’m saying), but anyway is fine!

Thank you!


I’m still working out my hair cause I don’t like the hair I do so I’m going to check back on this topic in around 10 mins🤭

I have so many tutorials saved on insta :joy: :woman_facepalming:t3:

my tutorials

new hair tutorial
older hair tutorial


@epireborn’s hair tutorial
@epsd.tutorials other hair tutorial