Help with Hindi

Hi can anyone who knows Hindi translate this dialogue for me please?
I have some 3 characters that are going to speak Hindi but I don’t know any Hindi…

MALE: “Hello? Are you there?”
MALE: “You keep staring at Ana.”
FEMALE: “No I’m not.”
MALE: “Talk to her.”

MALE: “Cousin!”
FEMALE: “It’s good to see you.”
FEMALE: “How are you? It’s been a long time.”
MALE: “It has.”
FEMALE: “How is everyone?”
MALE: “They’re doing good.”
MALE: “Though, I have some bad news.”
FEMALE: “What is it?”

MALE: “You look terrible.”

I can! Wait a minute

Hello? Tum kya waha ho?
Tum Ana ki taraf hi dekhte raho
Mein uss ki taraf nahi dekh raha tha
Uss ke sath ja kar baat karo

Tumhe dekh kar accha laga
Tum kaise ho?Bohut din ho gaye
Woh to go gaye
Saab log Kaise hain?
Sab acche hain
Par mere paas ek buri khabar hain

Tum bahut kharab dikh rahe ho

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Hope this conversation is between two boys…if it’s between two girls them the way they are addressed changes. If it’s between girls let me know. I will change it.

I should be…
Woh to ho gaye…


It is said as…
Kya hua??

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I’ll edit it so it has the genders one sec

I can help…
She might be offline…

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Thank you :grin:

Just a minute…


MALE: Hello?Kya tum waha ho?
MALE: Tum Ana ko hi ghurti raho.
FEMALE: Nahi main usse nahi ghur rahi hoon
MALE: Jakar baat karo usse.

MALE: Bahen!
FEMALE: Accha laga tumhe dikh kar.
FEMALE: Kaisi ho tum? Bahut waqt ho gaya…
MALE: Sahi kaha.
FEMALE: To kaise hai sab.
MALE: Sab acche ha.
MALE: Par mere paas ek buri khabar ha.
FEMALE: Aur woh kya ha?

MALE: Tum bahut buri dikh rahi hoon…

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Thank you so much!

No problem.

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Yeah I guess I typed wrong.

Get all the help you were looking for? :slight_smile:

Yes! Thank you

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Glad you got the help you needed :slight_smile: Closing!

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