Help with if/elif code pleasse?

I made an outfit choice in an episode and i want the outfit that the player chose get worn by the character in the next episode, so i decided to include the if/elif code in my script in the next episode but the character shows up in the wrong outfit? can someone help me?
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Can you send your original choice coding? Also you might want to rewrite your quotation marks, they look funky.

It should be good, are you sure is not the previous (actual) choice that might be different?

no really it isnt i think

alright hold on!

if (OUTFIT1 is "Floral cutie"){
@ROSE changes into ROSE_flowers
}elif (OUTFIT2 is "Cherry slush"){
@ROSE changes into ROSE_redd
@ROSE changes into ROSE_blacky
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The words in quotation marks must match the names of your original choices exactly, otherwise it will not work.

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Yes just like that :point_up_2:t5:

ohh okayy thankyou!

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