Help With If/Elif/Else Choice

For some reason, I am having trouble with the if/elif/else choice. I want the mc of my story to get different reactions but it keeps going to the last choice even though I chose the first one. Does anyone know why it’s doing that?

The portal will automatically play the last choice. But, is the choice name correct? The same choice name you used for the dressing game?

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Yes, I made sure it was.

Though when I tried to play it on the app, it went to the last option even though my mc chose another outfit.

Are you sure your flag is on?

No, I used the choice name and option method

Oh yeah I got mixed up with the 2 :joy:

It’s fine

I’ve never really understood this method quite honestly as I usually use gains so maybe try that instead?


This might just be me seeing things, but do you have an extra space between Moving is and your choice names?

Yes I do

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That might be the issue then?

Wait, I looked back at it and I noticed I didn’t. Though I don’t understand why the choice name and option method isn’t working

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Hmm. Could you show us more of the script (like where you name the choice maybe)?

The only thing I can think of us fixing your overlay issue. I know it has nothing to do with the choice issue but sometimes episode decides it needs to be picky about the wrong thing.

Also, the back and choose this outfit?? I don’t think that’s formatted right.

The only problem, I don’t really know how to fix it, seeing I was using a code from Josheph Evan’s dressing game, but I did fix the back and choose this outfit format

I would separate the outfits and then choosing if you keep them.

label you name whatever you want
Random Dialogue
choice (moving)
“choice one” {
} choice 2” {
}choice 3” {

Random dialogue

“No” {
goto label you name

As for the overlay it just means you created that overlay already. If it’s already in the scene you don’t have to add it in again.