Help with if / else choice please!

Hello everyone! I Have a choice, and then want to reference it later in the story ONLY If the user picks the one choice not the other. Hopefully, that makes sense…

Here is my script:
Earlier in the story
YOU (talk_clutchchest_sad_loop)
Thank goodness, light…should I go towards it?
Or should I just keep going right?

choice (go_to_the_light_or_keep_right)
“Go Right -->”{
@YOU exits right
goto keep_right

“Go To The Light” {
@YOU walks to spot 0.128 258 610 in 4 AND YOU does it while walk_neutral_rear AND YOU faces left
@remove YOU

goto go_to_the_light

Part I’m having trouble with later in the story
DR STELLA (talk_neutral_loop)
I heard about your little accident, so I’m happy to see you made it okay.
Did you run into any trouble finding me?

if (go_to_the_light_or_keep_right is “Go Right -->”) {

    YOU (talk_sit_armscrossed_neutral_loop)
I actually did. I ran into Ziolons...and it was the first one I've ever seen.
It was scary.

    DR STELLA (talk_exclaim_no_worried)
Ahh, I see. Well at least you made it now.

else {

    YOU (talk_sit_coy)
Nope, I found you right away.


Every time I try it myself it just says the else option even if I choose to go right. What am I doing wrong?

@Dara.Amarie any help would be amazing!

did you reset your story progress or ungain the flags?

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I didn’t put flags into the story…am I supposed to? (This is my first story so I’m new lol).

As for the story progress, I’ll try resetting it again, since I only did that once, and maybe it didn’t clear it correctly.

You can’t see any errors in the code though, correct?

flags are gains :slight_smile: but you’re using a naming choice method so it really doesn’t matter, my bad.

Your code looks alright to me.

Test your story in the app

For future:

To reset story progress:
Click on Navigation then Reset Story Progress

To ungain gains/flags:
Click on Story Modifiers then Flags
(The gold one means that they are gained, click on them to ungain them)

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Thank you for your help Apes! I just reset my story progress again…so I’m trying that. Thank you for responding!

let me know if it’s working! I’m not very familiar with this method, I always use gains myself, used this maybe once or twice, maybe Dara can correct me if I said something wrong :smiley:

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Do you know a helpful guide for gains? I’ve never heard of them until now haha

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