Help with Inktober ideas?

Hi! It’s Adam! So my friend, @MaliyahArtsy wants some feedback on her Inktober ideas so far! She sent me the list of themes, and her ideas so far. You can also help come up with more for the rest of anything pops into your mind!

List of words for days!

Ideas so far!

This is her first Inktober, and when I tell you she’s excited…,l I mean it! It’s all she’s rambling about! But I’m happy to support her, and her artistic journey!

(PS yes I know inktober is spelled wrong… curse you keyboard:)

Best of luck Maliyah! And thanks for any suggestions you have! :heart: :ghost:


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Those ideas are awesome! I haven’t decided yet if I am doing inktober… Maybe. Idk. But the ideas are really good.

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I can’t do inktober. I’m too impatient with my art lol.

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Lmfao. I am definitely not doing one today oml. Way to much work.

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Ahh…lnktober… :blush:

I love all of the ideas so far! Maybe add references so it’ll be easy to hop on…

Maybe for the expensive theme you could have a character standing at a cash register buying candy and the clerk says

“Your amount will be (very expensive number$$$)”


I’ll tell her about it! That’s a really good idea!

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It’s my first 2!
I think her ideas are awesome! Ima busy person so I’m not doing ALL INKTOBER edits.


I feel that this is a great idea I’ve never done this before so…I can’t give much help :sweat_smile: This is a good way to improve in art and Creativity. She has a lot of awesome ideas on that chart.

Maybe I can help her with some ideas! :grin:
I’m not too fond of a dreamer anyways.

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Does she have an idea for Clock?
I have some ideas in mind for that. :sweat_smile:

Hmmm ok what ya got? Maybe she could use the “chasing time” for clock instead of precious.

I had this idea about. Alice and the wonderland. So she can draw a character and have this wonderland theme. While the character is holding a clock.
:woman_shrugging:t2: It just came out my head.

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That’s a good one!

I’m kinda a fan of Alice in wonderland. So yep that was what I was thinking about. She can use some references from Pinterest to help her with the characters positions or Animations.

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It took her like a good 30 minutes to come up with the first one… lol

Well I think that’s a good idea for the first one. :sweat_smile:

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Guarded… Ummm, maybe like you have a person with like gates at their heart to symbolize kind of like a guarded heart? I’m horrible at ideas, sorry. :sweat_smile:

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Well I thought that at first too!


Great minds think alike. :joy:

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I might jump in and out, (mostly on the weekends) because my schedule is a bit full.

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She skipped today because she got busy, but when she got home she started on the category for tomorrow… roasted!

now just try not to fck it up when you ink it :sob:*

She’s doing good! I’m proud!

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