Help with Korean character and culture

So I am planning a story. Keyword planning because I have like two stories in the works that need to be atleast halfway done before I get into this one. The story that i’m planning has a male Korean MC and the first chapter is based in South Korea.
You’re probably thinking that it’d be easier to write a story with a culture or race that is more commonly used just so it’d be easier. But once my brain has created this character that’s that. :joy:
I do know quite a bit about Korean culture but there’s still room for mistakes that can impact my story and people who read it and I don’t want to risk that.

There will most likely be a point in the story where culture is barely touched on since the whole story isn’t in Korea anyways but I’d still like an extra pair of eyes that can help me with other aspects of my story too, like advanced code, art, backgrounds and overlays. So basically, you don’t have to be long term, if there’s a point when I feel that where i don’t need you as my Korean writing partner and you become just my writing partner we can continue from there or not.

My writing partner needs to be:

  • Fluent in Korean (just because you can say annyoenghasaeyo doesn’t make you a korean speaker, don’t use google translate because if someone calls me out on it I’ll redirect them to you…)
  • Have a good understanding of Korean culture, always room for research still (Please don’t base it on what you’ve seen on Netflix, if I wanted to rely on a kdrama addiction to write this story I wouldn’t of opened this thread :joy: someone help me it’s not healthy :sob: :sob:)
  • A good writer (you don’t need to be perfect but just a basic understanding of story telling)
  • Instagram
  • Positive vibes

You don’t need to be available 24/7 as of now, because as I said this story is currently being planned, probably won’t actually built into code until end of year probably.

You will of course get credit within chapters.



Lol, I mean I had taken some Korean in High School, as it was mandatory. I did get a feeling of learning about the culture bits and bits and of course the language. So if your still looking, I’m here!

I’m a korean baby! Born and raised. Well, ish. I’ve lived in america for awhile, but I’m korean.

Ask away!

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