Help with Labels issue

Hi all I’ve been away for a while and my mind has gone completely blank on how to use labels I’ve copied from some of my old stories but nothing is working it’s not allowing me to use backgrounds commands or dialogue after the label

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Can you post your code? Or screenshot? Would help a lot!


Hi! To use labels, you first have to create one in your script.

When creating your label, you can make your label name anything as long as you write the word “label” before the label name.

Example: label choosing_outfit

After creating your label, you can include any dialogue, choices, whatever it may be. If you want the script to go back to the beginning of said dialogue, choice, etc. then you would type: goto choosing_outfit

I think that’s all there is! I hope this helps!

Thank you Both the issue was a Rogue piece of code i didn’t spot :see_no_evil: :rofl:

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