Help with layers for overlay (Still need help)

hello so i’ve made a background and turned it to a overlay so i can put a background behind it but my characters are behind the overlay. i want them to be infront. Can anyone help me? i’ve tried increasing and decreasing the layers but it won’t work.

Try and put the phrases @DANNY moves to layer # & @ZHARIA moves to layer # in different lines because just like you when I putted them on the same line it never worked :woman_shrugging:

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okay let me try that real quick i’ll be right back.

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it didn’t work. but thanks for the help anyway.

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One last shot… :thinking: Maybe the “wrong” is that you’ve putted two overlays one the same line (325)… Try and put one overlay there and the second one create it… Otherwise I don’t know :unamused::woman_shrugging:

okay let me see…

Still didn’t work :pensive:

:sleepy: Really sorry that I couldn’t help… But if @J.Miley will see this she’ll probably have and the solution… @Christy_episodes I hope that you’ll solve it :pray::revolving_hearts:


What is the overlay called?
@overlay OVERLAYNAME moves to layer 2 AND DANNY moves to layer 3

Check out: HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers

Also: DARA’S GUIDE: Overlays

Layers for characters:

Layers for overlay:


it’s called AIDEN1 (that’ll be the background with the windows) AND AIDEN2 is the duplicate of the bed. but it’s also behind the overlay (AIDEN1).

Copy and paste what you have in under INT. BLACK - NIGHT to under EXT. NIGHT. Layers reset when you change scenes.

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Thanks for the tag, @MarinaK
First thing that I notice is that you are trying to place the overlays within layers before the actual scene. When you start a new scene, it resets everything (except props)

I would go with

EXT. NIGHT - NIGHT with AIDEN1 to 1.259 -181 -5 at layer -3 with AIDEN2 to 1.279 -368 -9 at layer 2
&cut to zone 2
@/DANNY spot 0.865 137 189 AND DANNY faces left AND DANNY is text_phone_neutral_loop AND DANNY moves to layer 11

I hope that makes sense.


yes it does. Thank you. i will try that right now.

I will read that. Thank you!

Thank you so much it worked!


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