HELP WITH LAYERS ! I'm desperate

Hello fellows episodians.

I have a very huge problem here. I was able to manage how to use multiple overlays in a scene recently, but now that I fixed that problem, another one popped out :sob: This is the scene I’m working on

I was able to manage the placing of the coffin and the fire, but when my MC comes out of the coffin, she stands in the middle of the fire and the overlay is in front of her face. So how can I correct that? They told me that I need to use layers, but I don’t now what they are, so I don’t now how to use them.


HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers

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Thank you! I’ll read it and if I hve more questions I’ll ask you :blush:

Still nothing

That’s how i changed the code and noting…

You need to layer the overlays as well, not just the character

okay… thanks

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