Help with Layers

So, I’m really getting stuck with layers. I want my character to be the back of a character, like behind her. But, then…she goes in front of her! I’m not an expert on layers, so I figure I need some assistance.


to stay back:
@CHARACTER1 moves to layer 2 AND YOUR_CHARACTER moves to layer 1
and when you want to stay in front
@YOUR_CHARACTER moves to layer 3

The bigger number of layer stay in front of the other lower layers.

Check out:

It didn’t work, unfortunately. Do you want to see my script if that helps?

Didn’t help, unfortunately. It’s a bit confusing.

Yes, please.

Is it alright if I show it with the characters’ names? Or, should I replace it with @CHARACTER1/@CHARACTER2 ?

How it more easy for you.

@YOUNG CLARISSA faces right

    YOUNG CLARISSA (shocked)

@zoom reset

@YOUNG CLARISSA moves to layer 2 AND YOUNG CLARISSA moves to layer 1

@YOUNG CLARISSA walks to spot 0.857 144 108 AND YOUNG CLARISSA does it while run_athletic

Wait, wouldn’t @CHARACTER2 be causing the problem? :thinking:

You have the same name on both characters. This is why doesn’t work.

Oh okay! Thank you! Let me change it, give me a minute please. :slight_smile:

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It worked, thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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Happy to help!

Hey Ady, I have another question except it’s a different problem? Is that okay?


How can I help?

Here is my script.

&YOUNG CLARISSA walks to spot 0.857 178 46 in zone 1 THEN YOUNG CLARISSA faces right AND YOUNG CLARISSA starts stand_up

YOUNG CLARISSA (talk_worried_kneel)
T, please wake up!

@YOUNG CLARISSA starts text_phone_neutral_loop

@YOUNG CLARISSA starts listen_phone_sad_loop

YOUNG CLARISSA (talk_phone_sad_loop)
911, I need an ambulance, please!

Except, my character skips the ones that are boldened. I want her to do both of the animations, but it’s being skipped.

Put IS instead of STARTS.

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Fixed! Thank you sooooo much!

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