Help with Limelight?


Hi guys, I’m testing out some things for a possible future limelight story, so does anyone know if there’s a way for a character to propose in LL as I can’t figure it out, thanks :slight_smile: xx


With directing and overlays there is a way to do anything.


And how would I do that?


Their are new poses and overlays added so if you want the male to propose you can try something like this

@FEMALE enters from left to screen left
&MALE enters from left to screen right

@FEMALE faces right
&MALE faces left

@MALE is reach_kneel_neutral

MALE (talk_awkward_loop)
I have loved you all my life

So on
Will you marry me?

@FEMALE is admire_happy

FEMALE (talk_happy)

It seems they only have the ring box for ink, so if you really wanted to write a scene like that for limelight you can find a ring box overlay on Instagram or make your own and how you would add that to a scene:


Hope that helped :two_hearts:


Thank you so mu h, this really helps :slight_smile:


Sorry, I meant much (for some reason my keyboard missed it out) :smile: