Help with LL Character Customization?

Hi all! I’ve written stories on here since before INK was released, and after a long hiatus I’ve decided to come back and try my hand at writing with Limelight. One weird thing I’ve noticed is that when I test out the character customization code (@CHARACTER goes to character avatar) in my app, the character stays the way I customized it even after I hit Reset Story Progress. How do I get the character back to the template I created? Will the character look like the template I created or will it look how I test-customized it after I publish my story? :frowning: I’m worried!

Thanks guys!

Just write this in the beginning and ur good to go (replace YOU with your character’s name btw):

P.s dw this happens to me too. Everything will be fine for ur readers

thank you so much! :heart:

No problem :black_heart:

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