Help with magic overlays

Hey there!! So for my story I need this fireball floating like up and down slightly buuuut I’m new to using overlays and have tried SO MANY things and just can’t get it. Please if anyone can help I’ll love you forever!! :star::star::star::star::star:

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Are you putting seconds


So far I’ve got this:
@overlay MAGICDAISY shifts to 80 240 in 1.0 in zone 3
@overlay MAGICDAISY shifts to 80 300 in 1.0 in zone 3
@overlay MAGICDAISY shifts to 140 240 in 1.0 in zone 3

but I need the next line to be the one to make it float up and down, I just can’t get it :persevere::persevere:

I think is because you have to much in zone 3 you just need to add it once .
When you added your overlay
EXT. ANT with overlay in zone 3

You dont need to keep adding it try it. To see if not wait for someone to answer you who might know

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