Help with making a title (SOLVED)

I need help with coming up with a story title, I had a really bad one “Forbidden Disease” which is horrible so I need some help. It’s about a girl who has a disease and doesn’t have long to live, then she meets someone else who has the same disease. This is the description I made.

MC has had cystic fibrosis all her life, mostly living in hospitals. Until one day, she meets someone who has the same disease. One problem, they can’t be near each other.

They can’t be near each other because it could make them even worse, if you look it up you can read all about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry if this is in the wrong category! :grimacing:

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Forbidden Fate?
Forbidden Healing?
Forbidden Love?
Forbidden Life?

I’m all out girl…

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Love in tainted air

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Unfunny nonsense that I had to get out of my system

:musical_note: Two patients, chillin’ in the hot tubbb, 5 feet apart 'cause they might sneeze

I’m not sure if titles are my strong suit, but I’ll give it a try. Idk if I can beat the movie title “5 Feet Apart” though.

Our Disease
Safe Distance
Hazardous Heart (?)
Immunity (because of immune system…? idk)


I’ve never watched 5 Feet Apart before, I’ve heard of it though!

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Me neither, I just googled cystic fibrosis patients having to avoid each other and that was the first result lol.

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Ohh :joy::joy:

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