Help with MENU GAME

Hey y’all, I hope you doing great!
So I need help with my Menu Game which I’m struggling with so much! :sleepy:
It might be some stupid error that I made but I can’t seem to understand it.

If someone could help, I’d be grateful.

Here’s what appears:

And here’s the coding part:

Like stated in the error, your label names can’t contain a space.

Rename MENU 1, MENU 2, MENU 3 and MENU 4 to either:

  • MENU_1, MENU_2, MENU_3 and MENU_4
  • MENU1, MENU2, MENU3 and MENU4
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You’re an angel! :blush:
Like I said that was a stupid mistake that I made :woman_facepalming:
Thank God I swear I thought that I’d be forever with the same question.
Thank you! :heart:

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