Help with Mini Game Coding!

Hey there!

I am trying to do a mini game for the story I am currently writing. Can someone explain how to do this in a clearer way? I have been getting confused by some of the explanations on here.
I am trying to do a couples guessing game where the MC is asked a series of questions in a time limit. There are right and wrong answers.


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I can help

Hi there are more ways how to fo it depending on what the final result should be. But it seem to me it will be more or less something like choices inside a choice.

If you want send me to PM what exactly you want… How many questions. How many answers to each question…if you need to remember exactly what answer did the reader picked up or you just need to know the number of right choices… Or if no remembering is needed atc.

I can try to make you the template. :wink:

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