Help with mini game 🙂

Hi, so I’m doing a mini game where you collect clues with tappable overlays, and I’m going to put the word “hint” at the top so if people didn’t find the clue already yada yada yada… So how do I make the text overlay? I’ve never done that before. Do I make it like a normal overlay or…? :rofl:

In short, to create a text overlay, you do this:

@overlay OVERLAY create text Your text here.

The word “OVERLAY” can be replaced by anything, either an overlay that does exist or one that doesn’t, for example:

@overlay TEXT create text Hint
@overlay TEXT shifts to 30 20

Then make it tappable just as any of the others are tappable, I believe. (I’ve never done tappable text, but I can’t imagine why it would be any different.)

In long, there’s a thread you can check out for more detail:

Happy writing! :wave:

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Or if you know how to work in picture editing programs you create your own text in desired font on transparent background and upload it as overlay


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