HELP! with Mirror reflection! Template

In my script she is entering from left to screen center because she is getting her clothes off and then i want her to reflect to the mirror and then she exits to get a bath. I know you need to have an overlay but i sucked at the template

This is just a rough template. The spotting maybe off depending on the background you’re using. I put them both either side of screen center.

MC - the original character
MC2 - the duplicate character

@MC spot 1.280 -130 0
@MC2 spot 1.280 -60 50

@MC2 becomes MC2

&MC walks to spot 1.280 125 0 in 3 AND MC does it while walk_neutral_loop_rear AND MC faces left
@MC2 walks to spot 1.280 195 50 in 3 AND MC2 faces right THEN MC2 faces left

&MC starts undress_top_rear
&MC2 starts undress_top
@pause for 1
@MC changes into OutfitWithoutTop
@MC2 changes into OutfitWithoutTop
@pause for 1

&MC starts undress_bottom_rear
&MC2 starts undress_bottom
@pause for 1
@MC changes into OutfitWithoutBottoms
@MC2 changes into OutfitWithoutBottoms
@pause for 1

&MC walks to spot 1.280 400 0 in 4 AND MC does it while walk_neutral_loop_rear AND MC faces left
@MC2 walks to spot 1.280 400 50 in 4

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thanks for this but who’s the character YOU

Oof sorry.

I’ll edit that. YOU is MC.

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mirror this is what I’m getting

Re-adjust the scale/spot of MC2.

I was using a different background hence I made her bigger.

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Ok thanks

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Hi @clydejakesalcedo :smiley:

Were you able to get your mirror reflection issue solved? Please let us know, thanks! :ok_hand:

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Oh yes you can close this now @Jeremy thanks

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Awesome! Marked as solved and closed. Thanks @LaurelleE27 :lock: