Help with Mirror Reflection


I asked a lot of people on here about how to do this, and I’m still confused. I’m following the correct code for it, but it’s not looking the way it should look. The duplicate character is showing her whole body instead of just her face in the mirror.

I’ve tried spotting the duplicate character at a lower spot, and it’s still not working out. Can someone please help me ASAP!

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Here’s the issue. You can’t just have the mirror overlay you need the background as part of the overlay. That way the rest of the body will be hidden.


I do have the wall part. I got that transparent bathroom background from @shellyg.episode. And I got the mirror overlay itself from her as well. I don’t know why it’s showing her body instead of just her face because I’m doing everything right. Unless there’s another code I should be following to do the mirror reflections.


Hun, you need an overlay that is NOT just the mirror. It needs to be the mirror and part of the background so while her face is visible do to the mirror opacity, the rest of the body is covered with the opaque background.


I’m confused on what you mean.


Remember how I told you that you CANNOT just have the overlay as the mirror. You need to have pretty much THE WHOLE BACKGROUND as the overlay, so that the overlay can hide her body. If you only have the mirror as the overlay, then the mirror WILL NOT hide the rest of the character’s body.


Okay. So basically you want me to use the mirror background that I have as a regular background correct? I have to switch it around to make the mirror the actual background instead of the bathroom background that I have, and turn that into the overlay.


You need

  1. the background
  2. the transparent mirror for the “glass” effect
  3. the background turned into an overlay with the mirror part cut out.

LIke this example I gave you:

The duplicate character needs to be at layer 0
The background turned into an overlay needs to be at layer 1
The mirror for the glass effect at layer 2
The main character at layer 3

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Okay. I have to take this one step at a time because it seems complicated. But here’s what I have:

There’s the transparent background and the mirror.

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Both of those are meant to be used as overlays.


So that background overlay wasn’t actually an overlay because you didn’t cut out the mirror part, but here I just did it for you:

So now just add this as an overlay

Can someone make this into an overlay?

Okay, and what about the glass mirror? That’s going to be the background? I don’t know how to cut out the mirror so that’s why I was so confused.


No. Use the same background you were using and keep the mirror overlay. Just add that new overlay above because that is what is going to hide the duplicate character’s body.


Ohhh I see. So basically I’m going to have two overlays correct?




Quick question though, for future references, how would you cut out the mirror part for any background?


Use the “cut out” tool in any type of photo editing app or site.


hi, may i ask where you got this mirror background? thanks :smiley:


Those are in the art catalog.


oh i found them now, hehe thanks!