Help with mirror scene?



So, I’m trying to do a mirror scene. I found a good background for it:

But I forgot to download the overlay too, and forgot who made it. Does anyone know who?
Also, I created my own png of it, but the file size is too large - so I really need help finding who created it. Also, I will not use them without crediting the creator of it.
They also made unisex bedroom backgrounds:

Anyone recognise it? I found them off Instagram, please tell me their account if you do recognise them!
Thanks :slight_smile:


Can I use the backgrounds.


Unisex bedroom is from @shara.stories


Make sure you give a credit to the author


And the bathroom background is hers as well.


They’re from a different creator, make sure to credit them in your stories! But they’re there for you to use, so sure, someone else on here told us the creator. <3


thank you so much! you’re a life saver! <333


search @shara.stories on Instagram and click the link in her bio. they’re all on there hun :smiley: