Help with movement of an overlay

All of the bowling pins are overlays and Im wanting to make it look like they have all fell over because someone got a strike. How would I go about doing that?

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you need to use rotation. I’m a noob at it so idk how to code lmao

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You can use easing functions and then remove the overlay. For example:

@OL shifts to X Y in T using easingfunction

OL is the overlay
X is the X coordinate
Y is the Y coordinate
easingfunction is the name of the easing function

Here’s a list of the easing functions:


first you will need to change anchor point …I gues you will but it down in the centre of the pins so the fall will look naturally.

and than you rotate them and shift them to make them fall

here it is all explained in detail:

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if you will struggle with this I can code it for you.

Thank you! I’m gonna try doing this tonight and if I can’t figure it out I will definitely message you!

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