Help with moving a character!

Hello everybody! I have a very confusing question for you all, and I am not sure if what I am asking for is simply not possible lmao. I thought I would ask anyway.

So I completely understand how to make a character exit a scene, walk backwards, and make them do an animation whilst they are walking, and I also know how to make a character go to the end of an animation. What I am wondering is if I would be able to make a character exit a scene WHILST doing the end of an animation. I have a character doing the end of the ‘shush’ animation, and then I want them to exit the scene whilst still doing the end of the shush animation, but I do not know if this is possible. Does anybody know how to do this, or is it not possible?
(Also, I know that I could zoom to a certain point and the character would be doing the animation whilst moving if I timed it correctly, but I want to know if there is a way that I can get a character to move from a direct spot whilst doing the end of an animation straight away.)
In addition to this, I don’t want to use an overlay of the character either because I always find that they don’t look as good as the actual character.

I know this is very very confusing and I am not sure if I have explained this well enough :joy:
If anybody could help me out, or tell me if it is/isn’t possible, then I would appreciate it a lot!

Thanks in advance,
Mackenzie xoxo

I think maybe upload the background you’re using as an overlay and shift the background while zooming the other way :thinking:

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I am not sure I understand. Please can you explain more?

Instead of moving the character, you’ll need to move everything else around them. Background, zoom and and other overlays in the scene. I’ve never tried it so I can’t give you proper instructions :grimacing:

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Ahhh okay, I think I understand you now. Thanks for the suggestions, but I think this is too hard for me without an example/base to use :joy:
I appreciate you trying to help though :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I am not sure if this answers the question…

You can make character exit while doing any animation…if he will be doing not walking animation it will look like he is “shifted” to side (he will not move his legs)

you can use the pose animation where he is not moving at all if that is what you want… which is the shush_neutral_pose in LL (dunno if it has INK too)

@CHAR walks to spot # # # AND CHAR does it while shush_neutral_pose


I am writing in INK and there is no ‘still’ animation for the end of the shush animation. Thank you for the suggestion though :smile:

@Farah_DeSantis @Jade.epi I appreciate the help a lot, and thank you so much for the suggestions, but I am going to use an idle animation instead. It isn’t that important anyway, I just wanted to find out if there is actually an easy way to actually be able to do this (without using overlays) so that I could use it in a scene in my story and maybe again in the future. It looks like there is no way to do it directly from one spot to another spot. I’ll improvise and do something else <3


@Sydney_H @Jeremy Please can you close this thread?

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Solved and closed. Thanks everyone! :smiley: