Help with moving alarm clock!

So I have tried different codes and none of them have helped me for what I need.I’m trying to make the alarm clock move fast to seem as if it’s really “shaking”. It just moves weirdly and shifts to a different size!

Here’s my code:


@cut to zone 2

&OLIVIA spot 1.280 29 247 in zone 1 AND OLIVIA is sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop
&overlay 4876503313416192_CLOCK shifts to 155 169 in zone 2
@overlay 4876503313416192_CLOCK scales to 0.406 0.406

&overlay CLOCK scales to 155 169 in 0.5 THEN overlay CLOCK scales to 173 169 in 0.5 loop 10 times
@overlay CLOCK shifts to 155 169 in zone 2 in 0.5 THEN overlay CLOCK shifts to 173 169 in zone 2 in 0.5 loop 10 times

@speechbubble is 175 291 to 100% with tail_bottom_left

    OLIVIA (sleep_lay_uncomfortable_awaken)
(Ugh! Stupid alarm clock!)

And here’s where I want it to be at:

Please help! I really need this to finish my story!
Thank you :heartpulse:

i can’t help, but it changes to a different size because you used scale for both of these, it needs to be shifts in the second line.

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Thank you. I’ll change that!

I have fixed the scaling and the shifting now I need to fix the “intensity”, what I mean is making it rotate a bit.

i believe that you need to change the “&” to “@”

No no, that part is correct

You’ll need to use rotating commands sweetie, I can’t really help you with that :pleading_face: but find a rotate command here on the forum and add the rotation command between the scale and shift with a & too and with the same time (in 0.5) and it should work :heart:

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Thank you! I had actually improvised and used another overlay but if in the future I reuse this I will remember! :blob_hearts:

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