Help with moving tear overlay


Okay, so I am having this weird problem with making the tear fall from my characters eyes. Every time I use this format and go to test it through the web portal it looks like I did it correctly, however, when I test it the other way it shows the tear falling on the total opposite side of the screen. If possible, can someone please tell me if this is a glitch or if I have the format wrong?



Never worked on with LL but try @ instead of &


You need to use shifts to to make it love




@Puppyepisode Can you be more precise and specific in what you mean directly when you say I need to move the shifts or give me an example to describe what you mean exactly?


I did and it didn’t work. The results are still the same.


Try to add zone an @pause for a beat between creating and then shifting command, you’re using & all the time so this may confuse the script


I figured it out in my own. It actually had nothing to do with that. I had to switch the numbers used to scale the moving overlay in another position and add the opacity after the x and y coordinates that were used to shift the overlay in order for the moving overlay to work correctly. I appreciate you trying to help me though.