Help with music pls

Hii, so is there like a way to limit a sound/music. Like if I want two different music playing in two different scenes without the sounds overlapping?

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I’m wondering the same thing lol, but think that you can only play 1 sound and 1 music at a time. Which means if you want let’s say an ambiant sound of people talking and a music then the sound would only play once while the music would go on…:((
But I hope to be wrong and that someone could actually help jahah! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

You could stop the music before the next scene

You can control the volumes of the songs/sounds by putting “volume music 0 0” or “music off” to stop it. For it to fizzle out like in 1 second you can put “volume music 0 1000” (it can be any seconds). I think it might be the same with sounds, just put “sound off” or “volume sound 0 0”


Tysm I will try that!

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