Help with my cover please?

I’m writing a story about two drag queens in love, but I don’t know how I would portray them as drag queens. I thought about having the body half queen half male, but I’m not sure whether that would look polished enough for a large cover?
Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, guys


personally i am not a fan of the half and half its odd to me I dont know… lol
Anyways maybe just a dude putting on makeup like how youtuber’s do with a wig on a maniquin head next to him or something but have it be artsy cause its a form of expression.

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You could do the ol’ character looking in the mirror and them dressed up looking out.
An example of this is the beginning credits of Toothbrush by Lucas.

Even though they’re actually dressed down :joy:

Just an idea!

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Thanks, that’s a really good idea!

I’ll check that out thanks