Help with my episode story


I’m writing a story and it would really help if some of guys give me advice and let me know what you guys dislike about some episode stories


Short stories, no choices or ones that don’t matter, cliches


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


A main character with little to no personality unless it’s intended
and the main character always being weak and naive unless it’s an important part of the character


Make one that you feel is right! Recently I saw someone post a message on Instagram, about how they would never read a story with no customization… AND I COMPLETELY DISAGREE WITH IT! If you’ve ever read a classic story, like Dripping Mascara or Chain Reaction, they don’t have CC. So you do you.




So you feel customization is a good thing for the story


I would only like customization if we could choose our names along with it and if there weren’t any art scenes with the protagonist.
But I usually don’t like wasting my time on customizing…


Okay thanks


Customization isn’t important to me, anyway, I think there are readers, who want to change their skin tones :smiley:


Okay , is there anything you dislike


I don’t like when MC’s love interest treats her badly all the time, but she’s ok with that :thinking:


Yeah I agree


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