Help With My First Story

Hey guys! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! :smiley: I’ve been a huge fan of Episode since it first came out. I’ve always wanted to write a story, and have tried, but I just can’t get the coding down. T_T I would love to be able to have someone I could work with on that! Since I’ve never written a story on Episode before, I am also open to someone helping out with the writing if they’d like as well. Or maybe just collaborating and help each other brain storm, cowrite, etc? I’m definitely open to trying to learn coding, I just need some help with it. XD If anyone is interested please let me know! I’ve always wanted to do this and would just love to be a part of it somehow! :smiley: Have a great day everyone! <3

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Hey, I’d love to be your co writer! I have a fantasy story I’m working on too and I’d love to share what I know about coding. There’s a post limit on the forum so if you could join the discord app I can help you through that.

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I’m interested. I’m not great at coding either, but I know some things.

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Great! :smiley: Thank you so much guys! I really appreciate it! @glitterlover I have Discord! What is your username? Do you want to PM me? @livvy613 How would you like to get started?

My username on discord is episodewriter

I’m going to need the number as well. :sweat_smile: The one that comes after your name. I can just give you mine.

What is yours? Lol sorry I’m new to discord.
Episodewriter #9589
Glitterlover and I are the same person btw.

I don’t have discord so YEEEET dabs