Help with my Muslim character

So guys, I have a very Important Muslim character and I have the smallest Idea about Muslim culture, I know they don’t eat pork and the have to cover their heads, forgive me please if I’ wrong I need help for the dos and don’ts so as not to offend anyone’s religion.
Please tell me the major things Muslims should not do.
My character is a teenager in college.
Thank you in advance.

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I believe @Zey , @Saria and @Perry can help (hope I am not bothering you by tagging!) :hugs:
But if not there is a muslim episode group on instagram (I will come back if I find it) and there will be threads I believe you can search up and there is people who have answered questions on their religion.

Edit - The group is epy.haramis on Insta


Thank you so much. :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

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Actually Hijab is a choice! Not every Muslim woman wears Hijab.


I think that you’re the person that messaged us on Haramis but in case you aren’t: as @bakedpotato said I’m Muslim so if you need help just drop a PM :kissing_closed_eyes:


Thank you :blob_hearts:

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Noted :heart:

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Well first of all, not all muslims wear the hijab. Your character can very much still be Muslim without wearing a hijab.

What is considered haram (a sin) in Islam is: eating pork, drinking alcohol, having pre-marital sex, getting tattoos, plastic surgery, marrying a non-muslim (for women).

Muslims pray 5 times a day, one time at dawn, in the morning, at noon, in the afternoon, at dusk and one last time a couple hours after dusk. We fast from dusk til dawn for a whole month which is our holy month called Ramadan and we have a bunch of holidays throughout the year. We also should not lie, deceive, cheat, abuse others and basically always choose peace rather than violence.

Obviously that’s not all there is but if you need any more information just message me!


Thank you.

Depending on the country and place, You can own a pet dog, but not in the same house(The dog should not be in the same room from the owner. (If it is about pet) they also not supposed to touch their saliva.

They have to pray 5 times a day and you probably can find them on the internet with a quick browse.

Women should always cover their body and head or even faces(Showing only eyes) depending on the country or faith they believed in when they meet anyone or if they went outside the house because they are not allowed to be seen by men other than their husband.

They also always greet people with assalam’u alaikum, and the other person will greet them back with mu’alaikum salam (I don’t know the exact wording as it is translated from Arabic language), you probably need to browse them too from the internet.

What do you want to know more? I will anwer if I know.


Thank you :revolving_hearts:

Actually she can be seen by her husband, father, brothers, and grandfather’s and uncles, as well as other women.

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Hijab and modesty is also a choice. It can’t be forced.

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