Help with my script!



The bracket on line 903 looks like it should be on line 909 instead… I think… From what I can see


I’ll try that x


Let me know if it works :slightly_smiling_face:


It still says the same thing :frowning:


Did you want to send more of your script? Nesting choices (a choice within a choice) can get pretty messy.


Heres the whole choice scene-


Extra bracket on line 908 it looks like. Get rid of one of the “}” on 908


I got rid of it and there is still is the error is apparently still there :confused:


Hahahaha, what a nightmare! What’s the error this time? Surely cannot be the same thing


It’s still the same one !! It is a nightmare!


Add a “}” to 957 (Hopefully this is it)


I’ll try that, fingers crossed. x


Oh, no… its still it :frowning:


Oh damn. I’m so sorry. I’m out of ideas for what it might be :disappointed:


Thanks so much for trying tho xx


Anytime! Good luck. Hopefully someone else here will be able to help you


I think you should add “}” at line 895 before the choice command


Something like this

YES! …


im not sure if this is it, but on the error (line 896) theres a space between the " and the {.
example : "YES! Have you ever seen such a goddess " { (its " {, not "{

idk, i personally dont put spaces on mine so maybe its just me? try removing the space, though. as seen on line 886 (theres no space)

sorry if it doesnt work though D: