Help with my stories? I want a partner!

:tulip:Hi guys! I’m looking for a writing partner who could help me with my story:tulip:
Im working on a romance story between a innocent girl and the town most biggest criminal.
I have this plot but don’t know much details of how I want the story to go…
I hope that who ever wants to partner with me will help me:

  • Come up with plot ideas
  • Help with the coding (I’m pretty busy and can’t work on my story much)
  • Can help me improve my writing a little

I hope this way my story will have more variation in it. if 1 person writes a story all characters and actions are bit like her alone, but If more people help writing theres really a difference in personality and opinions.

:tulip: How to partner up with me :tulip:

  • Must be 12+ of age. Not because I can’t handle younger people but because the ideas are different.
  • My story is a romance, and has some action and drama in it too, so please have the same interests.
  • Please don’t be a complete noob at the writer portal, If I have to teach it will only give me more work.
  • Please have some experience writing stories, maybe you wrote one on your own?

:tulip: Just DM me or say in the comments if you’re interested:tulip:
Please tell me if you have all the requirements before we partner up.
I will tell you the full plot (or atleast what I’ve got till now) in DM so I won’t spoil it to the others :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

P.S: I will also help with your stories of course, and maybe after this story we can also work on my second story… but thats for the future

Please keep in mind that I haven’t ever had a writing partner before so idk how to do the collaboration thingy…but theres a first time to everything and I want to start with partnerships

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I could help

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Hey, there. I’ve never done a collaboration before, but it seems interesting. I’m a pretty good writer. I am 24. Let me know if you are interested in working with me because I am interested in working with you.


I can help if you are still in need

alright awesome! could you please message me? my Instagram is episode_kyraah

hi .15years. would love to help you

Hey, I’m also looking for a co-author. I am NOT a complete noob, I do have a story I’m writing now, but I would love to help you. It sounds like a good story.

I could totally help you out, I am experienced in writing and okay with mature themes, please tell me what you would like me to do with your story ideas

Hello! i could help you if you are stuck with script errors!

@lavender1 @peppermint @adavis2112 @ajju23 @Lilly3 @littlenightowl @EssenceWrites I am Saasha. I am a professional writer and I have this idea. Let me know if anyone is interested in helping me with this idea. Also I can’t code at all. So I will need someone who is active at least once every 2 days and who is ready to do all the coding if I send a script written on paper. Let me know if any of you are interested.