Help with my story description!


I am starting to think of ways to increase my read count for my story:

My story is called Crossed Paths and this is the description

“Mindy’s life is filled with joy and laughter but is haunted by heartbreak. What happens when Derek changes the way she sees love?”

I would love to have tips on how to make this description more attractive to readers and any additional tips to increase reads would be appreciated too!

The story summary is that the MC has lost trust in the idea of love because of the way she was treated in the past by a man who meant a lot to her. She feels like she needs to put her guard up but the love interest is determined to win her heart and help her heal.


Broken and betrayed by previous love, Mindy’s heart cannot be thawed until hottie Derek catches her eye…


I think the story description is already attractive! If you want to get more reads, you can try posting the name of your story in the “promote your story” section. I sure am going to read your story though!


Aw thanks and I have been posting on quite a few theads haha on promoting stories but maybe I could make my own thread as well?


Yes I think you can try that!


Thanks I will do that soon :heart: