Help with my story please

Hi, so I just got back to writing my story on episode after six months and I chose to just look over it for a second. However, my wholee story is zoomed in and idk how to fix it. I looked over everything. Am I missing something?

Hello! Try writting @zoom reset at the begging of the chapter and previewing from there.


Yeah! Your zooms don’t reset automatically every time you preview, you have to reset them yourself!

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Hi as said above the portal does remember the last zoom setting so the easieast way is to have &zoom reset on the behining.

I actually have zoom setting under every background, because sometimes I preview some part of the story and before I was at zoomed scene.

Other solution is to refresh the page… so you will eraise the memory of the portal. But once your story get longer this gets les handy.

You can also just go to

Directing helper - Camera - Reset

To reset the zoom while previewing (so you don’t need to put @zoom reset every time you want to preview your story)

Put @/zoom reset at the beginning of your story just under the INT. BLACK - NIGHT

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