Help with my story!

Some writers on the episode upload their stories every day. Is there any way to write and update the story every day like them? ANY TIPS

No? Where did you read that?

So many people recommend me to add some scenes…
I’m really sick when tried to write those scenes lol.

Why would you do that if you dislike writing it? Like, the world does not revolve around sex. Plus, on episode, you can’t go into details. Sex scenes can be very cringey if you write them in a wrong way. But if you dislike it, don’t do it. It’s your story, you choose what to add and what not to add.

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here is the rules

If stories contain objectionable or offensive content, we may not be able to feature or host them on Episode. Stories must always be appropriate for readers ages 13 or older, which means content would be objectionable if it, among other things:

  • promotes or depicts excessive violence or assault, including but not limited to sexual assault, murder, and torture against humans or animals;

  • includes hate speech or content that promotes hatred or discrimination against individuals or groups, on the basis of race, ethnic or national origin, religion, marital status, disability, gender, age, or sexual orientation;

  • promotes suicide, self-harm, abuse, or bullying;

  • promotes excessive alcohol, tobacco or drug use;

  • promotes gambling, betting or casinos;

  • portrays adult themes, including pornographic content, nudity, or prostitution;

  • slanders or libels a person or third party;

  • includes excessive use of profanity or sexually explicit phrases;

  • advertises for outside products or services, including but not limited to website links, reviews, and promotional language;

  • excessively promotes the use of firearms, explosives, and ammunition; or

  • excessively promotes a political agenda.

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I’m really happy to hear this…
I forced myself to add something and there is no need for that anymore.

Honestly, sex scenes can make both the reader and the author uncomfortable, I’ve not really seen any stories in which they’re needed-- if something’s happening its much easier to skip over it and suggest rather than going into detail. If you aren’t comfortable writing it, don’t. It’ll probably make the reader uncomfortable too anyway; that’s why most people who do write sex scenes give readers the opportunity to skip them.

and there is more

Censor Bar Use, Nudity, and Sexual Content:

  • Depiction of sex (or anything suggesting that sex is occurring at that moment) in any form, including but not limited to, gyrating bodies, oral sex, or moaning/groaning is not allowed.
  • Explicit details of what is happening or has happened off-screen is also not allowed.
  • Any nudity on cover art is strictly not allowed.
  • Frontal nudity is allowed in a story if it is not excessive, only used in non-sexual situations, and always accompanied with censor bars or scenery to censor.
  • Posterior nudity in a story is only allowed in a tasteful and non-sexual context.

Don’t force yourself to do anything you don’t like, hun. Many readers are unable to accept the story the way it is, they complain about the customisation, the length of each chapter, the lack of sex scenes (and the worst thing is that usually the ones that are complaining about it are teenagers). Do what you do. If you really wanna make an intimate scene, do it the way you imagine. Make it romantic and subtle. There’s no need to add anything excessive and vulgur, which is also not allowed.


Yeah, so many readers under eighteen forced me to add something excessive. I’m highly irritated by those fan mails.

Turn them off, block them, ignore them! :joy: It’s your story after all. You choose what’s in the story and what’s not :relaxed: if they don’t like it, they can go read other stories or write their own :joy:


You are right :rofl: They don’t know how hard we worked on our story.
Some silly recommendations will completely distract our story.

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