Help With My Story


I want cover art of superheroes but I don’t have a lot of resources. I’m entering the Fantastical Competition and I want 6 superhero suits in this order, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue And Purple. With the title: Fantastical ; Guinea Pigs.
Sorry if I seem demanding


Hi! You can request a cover from @Episode-Royalty and they’ll have it done for you quickly!




it’s on instagram, right?


I pm you


want to see some examples


how so? the only thing i can send are some really bad paint drawings





If you want some Just ask me




You are really good. I’d like one. Do you want me to describe it here or do you have a special process?


here please




here in the thread


oh ok, do you mean your name thread or @episodestudio’s thread




oh, okay.
what should I describe


Send a screenshot of the character or the detail and there pose

what kind of background do you want

If you send me the character and there pose it will make it easy to make the cover