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So I’m having trouble with the overlay I don’t know how to add it during a scene

During a scene

@overlay OVERLAYNAME create
@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 0

But, to add it in the script, do to Spot Directing, then click on Change Overlay, your overlay should be highlighted in a box, then look down to a small box, click on Copy, then click on your script, right click on your mouse to paste the overlay commands in the script.

Need more info on overlays, you can also check this out as well:

So if you want to add it during a scene put it on one side of the screen where you can’t see it and when you want to add it in a scene drag it from where you “hid” it and place it where you want it. Let me know if that helped.

If you want your overlay already in the scene before your main character enters. I would recommend in adding it with your background

For example

INT. APARTMENT with “Overlay name” to 1.000 0 29 in zone 1 at layer 3

1.000 = indicates the size of the overlay
0 would mean = the overlay would move horizontally
29 = the overlay would move vertically

The numbers indicates where the location of the overlay you want it to be. You can move the overlay from the portal on the right of your screen.

Dara Amarie guide would definitely help that lanafrazer has already recommended

how can i move the overlay where i want it to?

It doesn’t show me overlay helper

click on Spot Directing, then look down you’ll see it.

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The Change Overlay button.


It worked thank you!!! But how can i add it to the script without it moving

do u see the copy stage button? Click that then right click on your mouse to paste it in the script.


is that where u want the overlay to be?


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but it didnt work when i previewed it

your missing the overlay opacity and the layer number.

@overlay RECORDING moves to layer 1
@overlay RECORDING opacity 1 in 0

Can you do it in coding please because it isn’t working for me

never mind i fixed it i had to click copy instead of copy stage thank you tho!!!