Help with naming in story

I have a tech company in my story and I need help coming up with a name :tired_face:
It’s not an evil company or anything but I can’t think of an appropriate and unique name


How about Angel Technologies or [something] technologies :laughing: Haha idek

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Oh sh*t i really like that lol

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Haha really? Why thank you :blush:

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I can only think of the one from the show arrow.

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What about Star Tech or (characters last name) Communications or (characters last name) Technology or EcoTech (eco-friendly maybe)
Hope you like them!!! :crazy_face: :sparkling_heart:

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tech corporations?

Tcp tech

(I know it’s not my story but) ooh!

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Something like: Anders, Karden, Helix or Parsa (lol the last 1 was really random but it sounded good lmao)